Hi I'm Roel


What I do

I’m a tech- and innovation loving optimist with a strong interest in the latest sustainable solutions. I love fast electric cars and, before the covid pandemic, I used to travel the world to find, document and showcase sustainable solutions. Bringing like-minded people together that can make a difference by organizing events, study trips & trade missions and filmmaking is what I do. 

I often tell stories about long distance traveling with electric cars and the inspiring sustainable solutions that I have come across in my journeys. Both on stage, as consultant as well as in short films and video documentaries.

Want to get in touch? The easiest way is by phone at 

+31 6 55567218 or via e-mail at contact@roelswierenga.com



All our annual Hansa Green Tour events are filmed and documented since 2011 by our team for personal use. Over the years our video documentaries have become more professional and now we organize re-union events where we proudly present our documentaries to our participants, partners and sponsors.

As event director I was mostly guiding our camera team, busy behind the scenes but not behind the camera myself. Due to the covid pandemic all our events were cancelled, allowing me the time to train myself in mobile filmmaking, editing and drone flying skills. 


In 2021 I made a first series of short films, with the ambition to grow as a filmmaker and make impactful productions. My short film PUSHBACK is my first entry in the world of film festivals and won at the Stockholm City Film Festival June 2021. 

hansa green tour

In 2010 I founded the Hansa Green Tour Foundation as an international network and business community to showcase sustainable solutions. To inform and inspire people with the many great sustainable solutions that are already out there. By showcasing these solutions, sharing information and by inspiring people we want to contribute to a better world and increase the speed of innovative change for a more sustainable future. We organize events, study trips, thematic networking tours, trade missions for government and sustainability delegations and our annual Hansa Green Tour networking event.


As a spin off of the Hansa Green Tour Winter Editions 2016 - 2018 we created our new event Hansa Cannonball Run. A challenge driving with electric cars 1000 kilometers in 1 day from The Netherlands to Austria in the fastest, but also the most energy efficient way (lowest battery consumption). The winners are honored at the stage of the Smart E-mobility conference at the World Sustainable Energy Days in Austria.


Due to the corona pandemic this event was cancelled in 2020 and 2021. We hope to organize this event again in 2022.



As a speaker I love to take my audience on a journey along the many inspiring and sustainable initiatives that I have come across around the world.  Trendwatching and showcasing sustainable solutions that are already out there, somewhere. From smart electric vehicle developments to the challenges of the energy transition. From keynote speaker at the World Sustainable Energy Days to speaker at automotive conferences, universities and executives meetings. I like to challenge people to come out of their comfort zones, thinking in possiblities and dreaming big, to welcome the future that brings so many great opportunities. 


Roel Swierenga 


+31 (0)6 555 672 18